Please be aware, the THCKK 2021 Auction and Meeting is on hold until further notice. 


Notice will be posted on this page and on the THCKK Facebook page.



The mission of THCKK is to educate our members and the general public about the about the history and functions of the great hardware companies, including Simmons Hardware, Shapleigh Hardware, Belknap Hardware, Witte Hardware, Winchester-Simmons Hardware, and others. We want to improve the ability of our members to add to their collections by meeting on a yearly basis and sharing both their knowledge and their collections.

THCKK is a not-for-profit organization formed in March of 1996. It serves to distribute information and provide an interactive forum about hardware companies such as E.C. Simmons, A.F. Shapleigh, and The Winchester Store (and the popular collectibles bearing their logos and house brands) and other historically interesting hardware companies.

Our members are interested in tools, various types of advertising, catalogs and ephemera, promotional and other related hardware, household and sporting goods that were sold by these hardware companies. Probably the most familiar of these logos and company slogans are Keen Kutter " The Recollection of Quality Remains Long After The Price is Forgotten.", Diamond Edge , "Diamond Edge is The Quality Pledge" and The Winchester Store "... As Good as the Gun". Other tool and hardware company house brands such as Polly Prim, Oak Leaf, Crusader, "Our Very Best" ( Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett & Company), Revonoc, Cruso; Blue Grass (Belknap Hardware) "The Nation's Standard of Quality" & "Tools of Honor", Pine Knot, John Primble, Thoroughbred; Stanley Rule and Level Co, Four Square, etc. will also be included as interest dictates. Witte- IXL Square Brand; Wyeth, Lee, BBB (Bingham's Best Brand), Van Camp, Sargent-Very Best Made, etc. are also of interest to many members.


Presently THCKK has over 200 members representing 38 states. Dues are $25.00 per year and includes 3 newsletters. " The Winchester * Keen Kutter * Diamond Edge Chronicles" is the official publication of THCKK and features articles, historical items, tidbits, updates on fakes and fantasy items, and questions about any items related to this field. An annual Klub Meet (as a part of the annual auction by Simmons Auction Service) is held in Richmond, Missouri. Usually the 3rd or 4th weekend in March (Depending on Easter and Indy Advertising Show). This Meet is open general public. A minimal set-up fee for tail-gating is charged $20 per member and $30 for non-members. Really Great TAIL-GATING & SWAP MEET, all day Thursday, both inside the building and in the parking lot and inside Friday before auction and Saturday in the parking lot. PUBLIC INVITED!! (the tail-gating fee is good for all 3 days).  Plan to join us for Supper & Socializing Friday night (the meal is on your own). Sign-Up during tailgating or during auction on Friday.

We welcome all persons interested in becoming members of THCKK.


THCKK is committed to establishing avenues for communication for its members and providing as much information to collectors of Keen Kutter, Diamond Edge, Winchester, Simmons and Shapleigh Hardware items as possible.

We have many members with interests in smaller and lesser known hardware companies. If you do not see the Brand you are looking for, there is probably someone else in THCKK who shares your interest. If you would like to write a description and/or history of your hardware company of interest please contact The Chronicles Editor or Webmaster.

THCKK now has a presence of Facebook.